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Open Payments Program Analytics

Open Payments is a congressionally mandated national transparency program, designed to provide the public with information regarding the financial relationships between the healthcare industry (pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers and their distributors) and healthcare providers (physicians and teaching hospitals). The purpose of this contract is to ensure that data collected through the Open Payments system are accurate and complete prior to publishing to the public. Econometrica and our partner, Acumen, LLC, will assist the Government by aggregating and matching information from various datasets to accurately summarize the business relationships between the healthcare industry and providers. On a weekly basis, Econometrica and Acumen will analyze the data for completeness and accuracy. The team will flag errant records and will work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to correct the incorrect data. The Econometrica Team will also work to identify parties that should be entering data into the Open Payments system but are not. Econometrica will also conduct ad hoc tasks that will reinforce the Open Payments system, such as identifying ways to increase the speed at which compliance checks can be made.