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Econometrica, Inc.

Research & Management

We are a research and management company that values intellectual curiosity and problem-solving skills. We work closely with our clients and partners in a diverse set of markets encompassing data analytics, healthcare, housing, and communications to provide leaders with the information they need to effect positive change. Our 25-year history of growth is a testament to the value we continue to provide.


Our Data Analytics Group are skilled in data collection, data management, analytical methods, and data visualization.


We are experienced in health policy research, health services research, healthcare management, population health, and health economics.

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Our Housing & Finance Group delivers a broad range of skills and experience in financial systems and administration, housing, and community development programs.


Experts in Program Evaluation

From large federal contracts to individual grant assignments, leading organizations trust us to deliver high-quality program evaluations. Our clients know we can fulfill their program evaluation needs.

Analytics Research

A Health Equity Lens

At Econometrica, we refer to health equity as a “lens” because we use it to bring a sharp focus to every project. Whether through analytical services, technical support, web-based training, or instructional design, this lens defines our work.


The Right Partner

Econometrica is a qualified and experienced program evaluator for government agencies, businesses, and nonprofits. We offer qualitative and quantitative data analyses that are expertly performed and clearly reported.

— Happy Customers —

"Both the Project Directors and Project Managers are excellent in their handling of a very large, all-encompassing contract. [Econometrica] ...works very closely with us to ensure timely and quality deliverables."

—Contracting Officer’s Representative comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"The quality and performance of these tasks were of high standard, higher than the contract specified. Econometrica, Inc's., Grand Rounds Support Team embodied the principles of customer service and responsiveness as they quickly implemented changes to documentation as agency requests increased."

—Contracting Officer’s Representative comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"Econometrica provided high quality deliverables and progress updates, including details on data collection, coding and data challenges, data visualization suggestions and creative solutions to displaying complex data, thoughtful summary and organized documents, and clearly written deliverables."

—Contract Specialist’s comment from an Econometrica FNS project

"Econometrica went out of their way to produce good quality deliverables."

—Contracting Officer’s comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"Econometrica's Editing department ensures that the quality of work produced is above and beyond expectations, and are very responsive when Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services feels that corrections need to be made.”

—Contracting Officer’s comment from an Econometrica CMS project

“Not only did the development and production of this [new] website and the new webinar tools not exceed the contract budget, they were also implemented through the proactive action of [Econometrica] and exceeded expectations described in the Statement of Work.”

—Contracting Officer’s Representative comment from an Econometrica CMS project

“When the COVID-19 stay-at-home order started, the contractor raised a very important question regarding the physical data shipments to states. By identifying this issue and moving to resolve any disconnects, the contractor provided excellent customer service to states but protected CMS data with Protected Health Information and Personally Identifiable Information.”

—Contracting Officer’s Representative comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"Econometrica is proactive in creating analysis and proposing solutions.”

—Contracting Officer’s Representative comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"We value intellectual curiosity and problem-solving skills, collaborate on projects in a diverse set of markets across numerous subject matter areas."