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Contract Vehicles

Econometrica has been awarded numerous contracting vehicles that enable Federal Government agencies to engage our services. We conduct research, apply advanced analytics, deliver technical assistance, and implement programs in numerous sectors, including but not limited to health, housing and community development, finance, and econometrics, under indefinite quantity contracts (IQCs); indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts; blanket purchase agreements (BPAs); cooperative agreements, and bid lists.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Contract Name: ICRA IDIQ – Immunization Consulting & Research Arm (ICRA)
Contract No.: 200-2015-87996
Business Size: Small

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Contract Name: Measure & Instrument Development and Support (MIDS) IDIQ
Contract No.: 75FCMC18D0022
Business Size: Small

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Contract Name: Research, Measurement, Assessment, Design, and Analysis (RMADA) 2 IDIQ
Contract No.: 75FCMC19D0086
Business Size: Small

Ginnie Mae

Contract Name: Financial and Business Professional Services BPA for Ginnie Mae: Pool 1 – Corporate Risk Activities
Contract No.: GS00F101CA/47QFDA18A0003

GSA Multiple Award Schedules

Contract No.: GS-00F-101CA
Special Item No.: 541611
Business Size: Small

Contract No.: GS-35F-355CA
Special Item No.: 54151S
Business Size: Small

Health Resources and Services Administration

Contract Name: HRSA Evaluation IDIQ
Contract No.: 75R60219D00007
Business Size: Small

Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County

Contract Name: Real Estate Development and/or Financing Consultant
Contract No.: 19-2125G

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Contract Name: Technical Support Services for NHTSA Traffic Records Program IDIQ
Contract No.: 693JJ920D000019A

Philadelphia Housing Authority

Contract Name: PHA Consulting Management Services
Contract No.: 004814C

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Contract Name: SAMHSA IDIQ Domain II: Statistical Projects/
SAMHSA IDIQ Domain V: Technical Assistance and Training Projects

Contract No.: 75S20322D00047
Business Size: Small

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service

Contract Name: Child Nutrition Programs Operations BPA
Contract No.: 12319819A0010

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Contract Name: Community Compass (Multiple Fiscal Years)
Contract No.: A-JI-18-MD-008; A-JI-19-MD-0008; C-14-TA-MD-0008; C-15-TA-MD-0008; C-16-TA-MD-0008; C-17-TA-MD-0008; C-18-TA-MD-0008; C-19-TA-MD-0008; C-20-TA-MD-0008

U.S. Economic Development Administration

Contract Name: Disaster Recovery Support Services BPA
Contract No.: GS-00F-101CA/1331L518A13250007

Universal Service Administrative Company

Contract Name: Enterprise Statistician Services BPA
Contract No.: USAC-20-021