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Econometrica specializes in research and management in numerous subject matter areas. Our Data Analytics, Health, and Housing & Finance groups bring together a corps of exceptionally well-trained experts from a wide range of disciplines and pragmatic experiences. Their advanced educational and professional qualifications enable us to offer top-quality services.

The White Papers:
Econometrica’s Research

Publications by Staff

Improving the Health and Safety of Transit Workers with Corresponding Impacts on the Bottom Line 2020

Jennifer Stoloff
Frankie Clogston
Fred Bellemore
Cynthia Khan
Jeff Pongsiri
Timothy Beggs
Econometrica, Inc.

Use of Genetic Matching in Program Evaluation: The Case of RAD

David Ruiz
Dennis Stout
Christine Herlihy
Econometrica, Inc.

Real Estate Analysis as a Tool for Program Evaluation

Jaime Bordenave
The Communities Group

Dennis Stout
Econometrica, Inc.

The Long-Term Dynamics of Affordable Rental Housing

John C. Weicher
Hudson Institute

Frederick J. Eggers
Fouad Moumen
Econometrica, Inc.

Evaluation of the Rural Innovation Fund

James Hedrick
Lee Higgins
Richard Hilton
Doray Sitko
Econometrica, Inc.