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Health Group

Econometrica is a small business with the capabilities of a large business. Our Health Group has worked with Federal, State, and philanthropic clients in health research and evaluation, public health, health equity, learning systems and technical assistance, management and operations, and healthcare quality improvement and measurement.

Focal Areas

  • Quality improvement in publicly funded healthcare 
  • Maternal and child health 
  • Health equity  
  • Mental and behavioral health  
  • Injury and chronic disease prevention   

Practical Experience

  • Prior government experience  
  • Clinical expertise 
  • Public health experts 
  • Data science and analytics 
  • Committed to workforce development 

Client-Specific Approach

  • Human-centered design (HCD) 
  • Project-specific subject matter expertise 
  • Living project management plan  
  • Innovative and personalized approaches 
  • Risk management approach

"Our Health Group is dedicated to providing clients with solutions that meet their needs while advancing health equity and healthcare quality.”