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Effective Communications

Econometrica’s in-house Communications Team offers expertise in strategy, messaging, design, and branding. We have extensive experience providing document analysis, editorial services, technical writing, Section 508 compliance, graphic design, and social media services to our public- and private-sector clients.

Whether performed onsite or from our offices, nearly all of our current and past contracts have a substantial editorial services component, as much of our work involves conducting research and analysis and producing reports for both internal agency consumption and public release. Many of Econometrica’s communications projects involve reviewing and developing documents that effectively convey complex or technical information according to client specifications. 

Editorial Services

  • Maintain quality control for all contract deliverables.
  • Ensure all materials are grammatically correct and stylistically consistent.
  • Routinely format and review a wide variety of material, including creating style templates and formatting documents, editing and indexing content, inking documents, and ensuring compliance with Section 508 requirements.
  • Experience with multiple style guides, such as the U.S. Government Printing Office’s Style Manual, as well as client-specific style guidelines.
  • Skilled at collaborating with clients and subject matter experts to develop document designs and editing content to be clear, effective, and accurate.
  • Knowledge of and experience with plain language guidelines under the Plain Writing Act of 2010.

Graphic Design

  • Formulate ideas that provide fresh solutions to create consistent branding while staying true to corporate goals.
  • Expert knowledge of four-color and spot printing processes; experience communicating with print vendors; and expertise with many types of design collateral, including brochures, newsletters, direct mailings, exhibits, and illustrations.
  • Experience with visual presentation of materials, including survey materials, presentations, and reports to be user-friendly, readable, and targeted for specific audiences.
  • Contribute to a wide range of creative concepts, web design for desktop and mobile devices, visual styles, and conceptualization to presentation.
  • Capable of measuring ideas against the industry’s highest design standards, creative strategies, and the client’s business objectives.

Document Analysis

  • Full document review and production process, including developing content-based designs, reviewing material for clarity and structure, and formatting and proofreading drafts. For example, our Program Management Support Services project for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) involved organizing and analyzing regulatory requirements; editing rulemaking documents for publication in the Federal Register; and reviewing and producing regulatory impact analyses, internal guidance documents, and reports for public release.
  • Developing factsheets that involved our editors and graphic designers working with subject matter experts to ensure data was accurate and informative.
  • Designing and developing training materials. Through our Post-Acute Care (PAC) Training project for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), we design and develop training materials that effectively inform approximately 34,000 healthcare providers of updates to data coding and submission requirements.
  • Producing, editing, and reviewing analyses, reports, and tables, such as for our Services Support for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration project.

Library Science Support

  • Extensive experience using SharePoint as a document management system for clients. We have an ongoing contract with the U.S. Census Bureau’s Center for Economic Studies (CES) and the Center for Enterprise Disclosure that includes content generation and curation of a web-based content management system using Adobe products.
  • Reliance on SharePoint to manage access control and distribution of all company documents, including operating documentation, contracts (e.g., contract documentation, correspondence, administration, deliverables, reference material), proposals, resumes, controlled custom form libraries, editing and graphic design tasks, publications, human resources, and reference materials.
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Jacqueline Ryan
Communications Team Manager

Project & Design Samples

Happy Customers

"They provided high quality deliverables and progress updates, including details on data collection, coding and data challenges, data visualization suggestions and creative solutions to displaying complex data, thoughtful summary and organized documents, and clearly written deliverables."

—Contract Specialist’s comment from an Econometrica Food and Nutrition Service project

"They go out of their way to produce good quality deliverables."

—Contracting Officer’s comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"Their Editing department ensures that the quality of work produced is above and beyond expectations, and are very responsive when CMS feels that corrections need to be made.”

—Contracting Officer’s comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"All deliverables are prepared with the utmost care."

—Contract Specialist’s comment from an Econometrica project with the U.S. Census Bureau

“Not only did the development and production of this [new] website and the new webinar tools not exceed the contract budget, they were also implemented through the proactive action of [Econometrica] and exceeded expectations described in the Statement of Work.”

—Contracting Officer’s Representative comment from an Econometrica CMS project