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Public Health and Health Equity

We are experts in public health, prevention science, and population health improvement. Our experts in implementation science have experience in public health policy and systems improvement, workforce development, health communications, and clinical—community linkages. Our diverse team approaches all of our work with a health equity lens in order to identify and address the factors that result in poor health outcomes to create and evaluate meaningful and effective solutions. 

Public Health

  • Population health assessment
  • Program design and implementation
  • Public health policy and regulatory development
  • Implementation of laws and regulations
  • Effective health communication
  • Data collection and epidemiologic analysis

Prevention Science

  • Identification of at-risk populations
  • Convening of stakeholders
  • Expertise in evidence-based interventions
  • Evidence reviews and summaries
  • Planning for prevention initiatives
  • Monitoring fidelity of interventions
  • Building community—clinical linkages

Health Equity

  • Promotion of equity
  • Social determinants of health
  • Health in all policies
  • Health disparities
  • Cultural competence

"We are thankful to the entire Econometrica team for our partnership this year. Thanks so much for your help in reaching our goals regarding health equity issues!"