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TAG Research is a joint venture formed between The Aquiline Group and Econometrica, Inc., and certified as a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)-approved Mentor-Protege relationship. Our team specializes in multicultural marketing, strategic and visual communications, management consulting, research and analytics, program development and management, medical recruitment, website development, and Section 508 compliance and remediation. Our team has experience providing expertise and consulting for Federal, State, and private clients in the health, education, finance, and defense industries. Formed in 2020 as a SBA 8(a) joint venture, TAG Research is a continuation of a years-long relationship between Aquiline, a small 8(a) woman-owned marketing consulting firm, and Econometrica, a leading provider of research, training, and data solutions across the Federal Government.

When you work with us, you get a specialized team of management consultants and multicultural marketing specialists with strong creative backgrounds and unparalleled expertise.

Website Design and Development

We have created and currently maintain multiple websites, ranging from company websites to websites that serve as information hubs and offer technical assistance to State offices. Our team is experienced in multiple methods of creating and maintaining websites, but recognizes the efficiency and functionality that WordPress allows for design. Our team has created websites used by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the government of the District of Columbia, and private-sector clients. To build and maintain accessible websites that provide equal access to Electronic and Information Technology (EIT), our team applies all three levels of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) to meet Section 504 and Section 508 standards. Our website developers share information in a clear and concise manner that captivates users while maintaining the ability to provide equal access to information to users who rely on screen readers such as Job Access With Speech (JAWS).

TAG Research uses a two-step process for working with clients to develop and update website content. The first step is meeting with our client to discuss the primary audience of the content, major themes or topics that need to be conveyed, and any specific requirements the content must meet. This information allows our team to leverage the appropriate in-house subject matter experts (SMEs; e.g., data analysts, economists, statisticians, researchers) to serve as content developers and reviewers. Our team’s in-house website developers are also involved in all aspects of this planning phase, providing the insight needed to ensure that the content is compatible with existing website platforms. The TAG process also includes a conversation with the client and related stakeholders about any accessibility, formatting, or style requirements the content must meet so that our team can incorporate these standards during the planning process. In the second step of the process, TAG uses the information gained in our initial meetings with the client to produce a work plan for developing or updating content that provides a summary of the requirements, a detailed timeline, and the technical and creative approaches that will be used.


Portal for DOES Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program
In addition to building this website for the District’s Department of Employment Services, which was designed to engage the community at large, our team also developed content aimed at providing citywide audiences and community members with information on the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program in a 2.0 interactive format.

State Data Resource Center (SDRC)
Our team developed all content on this website to provide State Medicaid agencies with information and FAQs about their data requests and user agreements. The content designed by our team also includes all posted webinars and SDRC announcements, which are updated as information changes or new information needs to be shared.

CMS Post-Acute Care Training – Skilled Nursing Quality Reporting Program (QRP) Training
The URL provided is one of five pages on the CMS website for which TAG develops and updates content through our PAC Training contract. For this page, our team develops all recorded content for the courses linked to on the page. Our team also works closely with CMS to develop the descriptive content accompanying each course and regularly develops content to convey updates for the page.

Development & Content  ↓

marion barry summer youth employment program
state data resource center (SDRC)
CMS Post-Acute Care Training – Skilled Nursing Quality Reporting Program (QRP) Training

Developing Best Practice Guides and Resources

TAG Research has extensive experience working with Federal clients to identify the most appropriate data points and relevant variables through descriptive analysis of large datasets, which our team then uses to determine best practices and supporting guides for stakeholders. Our approach to developing best practice guides relies first on advanced statistical and mixed-method analyses that allow for the correct information to be identified and analyzed. After analysis, TAG Research then presents the results to our clients in a manner that provides both technical and nontechnical explanations in order to help identify the gaps or challenges that the agency is looking to improve or address.

TAG Research knows that user-friendly presentation and layout of guidebooks is another significant component for understanding data elements and definitions. Through contracts with the District’s Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking, our team has experience supporting the logistical aspects of creating guidebooks, including a financial resource guide and Student Loan Ombudsman Reports, that are user-friendly and accessible for all audiences.

Our team understands that a solid understanding of data elements by data submitters is critical for accurate results that impact best practices. We have worked with the CMS on the Development, Implementation, and Maintenance of Quality Measures for the Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) contract to define data elements for each clinical quality measure endorsed by the National Quality Forum (NQF) and to provide this information in a data guidebook for providers. Our team then further refined the data definitions and information in the guidebook based on questions and feedback from providers in order to help reduce burden on data submitters and help ensure that submitted data aligned with the definitions of each NQF-endorsed measure.

Technical Content and Plain Language

TAG Research has worked with a number of Federal and local agencies to develop plain language documents, such as final reports, website content, and other briefs, that have been developed from complex analysis and topics. When developing technical content, our team works closely with the client to determine the audience and purpose of the document or content so that our team of in-house SMEs can work with our technical writers to help determine the best way to convey the technical information in plain language. Incorporating both SMEs and technical writers in the TAG process ensures that we communicate the critical aspects of complex topics without producing content that would be above the level of the client’s target audience.

Our in-house editors are well-versed in various style guides, such as GPO and AP, and work to incorporate client style and preferences in any deliverable. They are also experts at plain language guidelines.

One of TAG’s area of expertise is public education, and we have recently worked on two contracts to support the development of annual reports and briefs for the U.S. Department of Education and the District’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). For OSSE, TAG produced a number of annual reports written in plain language and conducted a communications program evaluation and assessment to help the agency better communicate with its grantees through the use of plain language in reports and distributed materials.



Restraint and Seclusion K-12 Schools
Sexual Violence K-12 Schools
Sexual Violence K-12 Schools

Grants Management Experience

Our grants management specialists, instructional designers, and training staff have demonstrated experience delivering grants management learning resources to clients through a variety of modalities and for audiences with all levels of grants management knowledge. In recent years, our team has led grants management contracts encompassing all phases of the grants management life cycle, including pre-award planning and preparation, merit review and grant award, post-award monitoring and oversight, and grant closeout.

Since 2014, for example, TAG Research has provided comprehensive grants management services for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) in support of health infrastructure, IT, and interoperability  grants. In addition to showing the breadth of our experience, this project demonstrates our application of subject matterTAG Grant Lifecycle Experience Graph expertise in working closely with the Program Office to develop content and build presentations for merit review training sessions. Throughout this project, we developed or updated training to reflect guidance from newly released procurements and worked with our technical contacts to have presentation materials approved. During our training sessions, grant reviewers received an overview of application requirements, their roles and expectations, and instructions on using the ONC SharePoint site through user-friendly content and infographics. After each training session, our team released a video recording, event
Q&A, and Section 508 compliant slide deck.

As another example, TAG Research’s work on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Choice Neighborhood contract has included collaborating to facilitate peer exchanges for awarded grantees. Specifically, our role is to help refine peer exchange topics, review SME content, and help SMEs present their information in a user-friendly manner. All peer exchanges have been conducted virtually due to COVID-19; prior to the 2020 contract period, we managed all aspects of in-person peer exchange events onsite at HUD Headquarters or in public meeting spaces (e.g., hotel conference rooms). In addition to facilitating and coordinating the logistics for securing, setting up, and clearing meeting spaces, our team also reviewed SME content, coordinated presentation schedules, and provided onsite A/V support to presenters. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when all peer exchanges were required to switch to a virtual setting, we pivoted to using Zoom and enabling features such as polling and breakout rooms to retain engagement among participants.

The table provides additional examples of our learning and training resources.


Training Resources

ONC Information Session

An ONC Leading Edge Acceleration Projects (LEAP) information session that TAG Research conducted in the final year of our prime contract. Our Grants Management Specialist helped develop content and presented at this session.

PAC Training Coding Scenario

In collaboration with CMS, our Instructional Design team developed this coding scenario using all in-house resources.

PAC Training E-Learning Course

Our team oversaw the full training development process for this e-learning course, including content development and SME review. In addition, our team now maintains this course and reviews it, alongside new guidance, for possible updates.

About the Partners

The Aquiline Group

Aquiline provides results-driven, full-service integration of marketing and communications strategies. Its broad capabilities keep the thrust of campaigns in sync, and the delivery of its services propels clients directly to their goals. Its experienced consultants specialize in turnkey creative publication development, integrated marketing solutions, public relations, graphic design services, and message development. Aquiline is one of the most sought-after marketing agencies in the District of Columbia, with an expanding book of clients in the Federal Government, including the U.S. Department of Education, Defense Human Resources Activity, and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).


Econometrica is a research and management organization committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective economic and analytical services for clients in the public and private sectors, including the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CMS, Food and Nutrition Service, and many others. At Econometrica, we have public and clinical health researchers, analysts, instructional designers, and economists who provide expertise in training, information diffusion, health research, quality measure development, monitoring, evaluation, technical assistance, and data analytics.

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TAG Research provides expert data collection, project management, marketing consulting and research, training, communication strategies, public relations, branding, social media, media relations, production, publication development, evaluation, and monitoring services in support of Government clients in the health, energy, transportation, homeland security, and defense markets.

The Aquiline Group:
8(a), minority-owned & woman-owned small business (WOSB), DC Supply Schedule (DCSS) for Marketing, Media and Public Information Services, Advertising and Novelties, and Printing and Document Management 

Econometrica: CMS Measure & Instrument Development and Support (MIDS), SAMHSA Domain V, HRSA Evaluation IDIQ, CDC Immunization, CMS Research, Measurement, Assessment, Design and Analysis 2 (RMADA 2).

Evelyn Rodriguez, M.A.

President, The Aquiline Group LLC
Monique A. Sheppard, Ph.D., M.S.
Senior Advisor, Health, Econometrica, Inc.


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