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At Econometrica, we value intellectual curiosity and problem-solving skills. We collaborate on projects in a diverse set of markets across numerous subject matter areas. Staff in our Health, Data Analytics, and Housing & Finance groups, along with members of our various teams, provide innovative solutions and analytic excellence in a wide variety of services. No matter how different each project is, one thing remains constant—we dedicate ourselves to providing the highest quality service.

Open Payments Program Analytics

Group: Data Analytics

Client: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Focus: The purpose of this project is to ensure that the data collected through the Open Payments system is accurate and complete prior to publishing to the public. This allows interested parties to identify trends using reliable and complete data. The Econometrica Team benefits the Government by monitoring and cleaning the data entered, identifying members of the healthcare industry that should be reporting but are not, and providing analyses on the data. We have identified new ways to analyze compliance (e.g., identify missing or incorrect data) and the data to understand more about the relationships between the healthcare industry and healthcare providers.