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Health Equity and Cancer

Health equity is defined as everyone getting an equal opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Regarding cancer, health equity means an equal opportunity to prevent, detect, and treat cancer. History has shown that Black/African American populations are diagnosed at a later stage and have higher death rates than all other racial/ethnic groups for many cancer types. Studies suggest that certain...

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Housing Impacts on Maternal Health

Housing plays a significant role in infant and maternal health outcomes. From poor housing conditions that lead to negative environmental exposures, to neighborhood conditions that can be unsafe and lead to stress and unhealthy environments, to even the affordability and instability challenges in trying to stay housed and avoid homelessness, housing plays a significant role in the wellbeing of...

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Housing Instability Has an Inverse Relationship with Mental Illness

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, and this year, Econometrica is highlighting the intersection between minority mental health and housing stability. Studies have shown that while housing security contributes to better health and economic stability, housing insecurity is often associated with increased stress and anxiety, exposure to environmental hazards, and lack of...

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Biden Administration Housing Supply Action Plan Addresses Rising Housing Costs

The current skyrocketing housing costs in the United States are contributing to the skyrocketing inflation, which the Biden Administration has indicated is the highest economic priority at this time. While rising home prices were exacerbated by supply chain and labor shortages caused by the pandemic, the issue actually started after the housing market crash in 2008 when new home construction...

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NIH Publishes Consensus Study Report: Measuring Sex, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation

As the visibility of transgender and intersex populations increases in the public awareness, there is also a need to address the challenges of accurately understanding and communicating the complexities of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation in research. At the request of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a committee was established by the National Academies of Sciences,...

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