About Health

Econometrica’s Health Group currently comprises approximately 25 staff members engaged in 17 projects. Our staff members have expertise in health policy and management, health services research, policy evaluation, public health, population health, health economics, epidemiology, biostatistics, and medicine. Our firm is well-known for its informational work on national policies and economic analyses related to providing high-quality healthcare services in a time of rising costs and scarce resources. Econometrica is a mission-driven research and management organization providing innovative and scientifically based solutions to transform healthcare and improve care delivery and patient outcomes. As experts in the design and implementation of quality improvement and patient safety interventions, we serve a broad range of public- and private-sector clients to improve the quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of healthcare through transformational change. Our clients benefit from Econometrica’s proven management capacity for small, technically oriented tasks as well as large and multifaceted projects. We are well-versed in public reporting, disseminating results on a national scale, and person and family engagement.

Work Descriptions

Health Policy:

  • Oversees the ever-changing landscape of healthcare policy (including foundation work, national organizations, and the HRSA, SAMHSA, AHRQ, and PSC IDIQs).

Learning and Diffusion:

  • Oversees healthcare model implementation and spread to the broader community, capitalizing on adult learning styles (including CDC, ONC, IHS opportunities, and the CMS SBRAD IDIQ).

Data Analytics:

  • Oversees the management and analysis of healthcare data (including analytical RFPs and CMS RMADA opportunities).

Measurement and Improvement:

  • Oversees quality measures development, implementation, and maintenance as well as related trainings and quality improvement initiatives (including the CMS MIDS IDIQ).


Select Health Clients

Health Technical Capabilities

Measure development

Program evaluations

Knowledge diffusion

Provide rapid-cycle evaluation and vibrant, powerful in-person learning sessions

Provide virtual training that meets the needs of various groups

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