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Audiogram Graphic Ephraim RossEconometrica supports our clients by helping them select the best learning solution to convey their content. We work hard to stay at the cutting edge of content delivery, learning and employing new technologies to meet the needs of our clients and audiences. We are currently employing a new training delivery modality called Audiograms for one of our newest projects.This article outlines why Audiograms are useful to our clients and audiences and how you can use them in the future.

Why We Discovered Audiograms

While designing a training for international public health practitioners, we identified that telling authentic field-based stories would be most impactful to our international audience. We also discovered that the international subject matter experts our client wanted to showcase via video did not have the internet bandwidth to record a high-quality video. In the past, our solution would have included going onsite to record videos. Given the pandemic and the geographic dispersion of the experts, though, that solution was not feasible.

Instead, we explored products and communication strategies that would allow our subject matter experts to share their story in a compelling way within the limitations of their technology. And we determined that Audiograms were the best solution for our client.

What is an Audiogram?
Audiograms are audio files that are combined with simple visual content and live captions.

Check out this audiogram below to understand more about the new modality.

How to Use Audiograms in Your Own Work 

Audiograms are ideal for short-form, standalone content, such as:

  • Audio presentations
  • Interviews
  • Conversations
  • Panels

Audiograms are also great item to embed within a longer training to break up and diversify the types of content. They are easy to share directly through social media—a medium that many organizations have found to be the simplest way to communicate with their audience.

Our clients have told us that Audiograms have a uniquely modern look and feel to them, and they are an excellent solution for experts who are trusted sources of information but do not wish to appear on camera or are remote. Other advantages of using Audiograms include:

Production advantages:

  • Quick and easy to produce high-quality content.
  • Cost-effective production mechanism.
  • Seamless edits and transitions (which is not possible when using a video of a presenter talking).
  • Can include additional media (images, animations).
  • Easy to create custom-branded templates for your project or brand.

Audience advantages:

  • Accessible content with live transcripts/captions.
  • Appropriate media to use for a low-bandwidth audience.
  • Can easily be shared on social media (can post video directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Let us know if you are interested in learning more!

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Sarah Gillam, M.Ed.
Senior Instructional Designer