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Econometrica has been providing research and program support services in the Transportation and Aerospace sectors since the company’s founding in 1998. Our staff includes economists; statisticians; IT specialists; technical editors; graphic designers; communications specialists; grant program experts; and transportation, health, and environmental policy experts with many years of professional experience in academia, the Federal Government, and the private sector.

Our senior economists, senior statisticians, and policy experts have supported the development and analysis of numerous high-profile Federal Government programs and regulations related to transportation safety, homeland security, aerospace, and consumer protection for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and other Federal agencies. We have intensively studied and modeled transportation incident and usage data, and we currently maintain the injury, fatality, property, and environmental damage models used by our clients.

Our communications specialists,
technical editors, and graphic designers
have produced and edited dozens of statistical publications and research reports for numerous Federal agencies. We have also developed webinars, interactive web-based training modules, and other training materials on data and regulations.

Our grant program experts have assisted in the technical and financial oversight of several large DOT grants to U.S. States, territories, and local governments. We have also provided technical assistance to grant applicants and recipients.

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Work Descriptions

NASA: Modeling aggregate economic benefits of the Earth Observation Data program.

NOAA: Modeling safety and aggregate economic benefits of the Nautical Charting Program.

U.S. Census Bureau: Research, analysis, and IT support for the Longitudinal Business Database.

MARAD: Economic analysis to assist in the determination of fair and reasonable U.S.-flag ocean freight rates.

NHTSA: Support for the NHTSA Traffic Records Program.


  • Communications, technical editing, and web-based training tools for the Office of Analysis, Research, and Technology.
  • Economic analysis, regulatory evaluation, and environmental analysis support for the Office of Policy.

OST: Economic analysis of airline consumer protection regulations.

PHMSA: Economic analysis, regulatory evaluation, and environmental analysis support for the Office of Hazardous Materials Safety and the Office of Pipeline Safety.


Evaluation On Use of Mobile Wireless Devices for Voice Calls on Aircraft

Econometrica estimated the benefits to consumers of the proposed requirements and the costs to U.S. and foreign air carriers and U.S. airports of the application of the proposed requirements to them.

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oil platform

BOEM Cost Recovery Fee Study

Econometrica evaluated BOEM’s current cost recovery fees to determine whether the full cost of providing a requested service is captured through the relevant fee and recommended adjustments to those fees.

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Regulatory Evaluation of ICT Final Rule for US Access Board

This project includes three tasks:
• Task 1 – Prepare Draft Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Final Regulatory Impact Analysis (FRIA) Suitable for Submission to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as Part of ICT Final Rulemaking Package.

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data analysis

Obtain and Summarize Economic Data Presented at Advisory Committee

Econometrica’s role was to provide a trained and qualified economist to attend and observe certain meetings of the Advisory Committee on Accessible Air Transportation.

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Economic Research and Analysis of NASA’s Earth Observation Data

Econometrica completed a study of academic, commercial, and Government uses of NASA Earth Observation (EO) data and applied several methods to estimate a value for primary, secondary, and tertiary users of non-weather NASA EO data in the United States.

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Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) Support Services

Econometrica provides onsite and offsite support services to the U.S. Census Bureau, Center for Economic Studies (CES), for the LBD.

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