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Transforming Healthcare Through People

Change has become a constant in the world of healthcare. That said, there is change for the sake of change and then there is transformative change. Change that leads to improved patient outcomes, reduced costs, and improved patient satisfaction often requires providers and other caregivers to adopt new ways of delivering healthcare. But adopting new ways of doing business can be tricky. That is where Econometrica’s Change Management Practice comes in.

The Change Management Practice at Econometrica provides an integrated array of services focused on assisting our clients in maximizing the adoption of new behaviors by focusing on managing change at all levels of the organization or impacted healthcare service sector. We work with both private and public agencies to drive change by:

Working with organizational leadership to understand their role in championing change within their organization.
Developing strong communications plans informed by stakeholder analyses to ensure that all those impacted by a change are considered during the implementation.
Crafting compelling messaging around a shared need and vision in the communications process to convey to those impacted why a change is occurring, what the future will look like, and how they will be supported through the change.
Developing (and delivering, if necessary) training programs designed to give providers and caregivers the skills they need to successfully transition to new operating models.
Identifying and resolving potential roadblocks to change adoption.
Assisting in developing systems and structures to monitor and reinforce changed behavior.
Identifying, capturing, and reporting success stories to encourage early adopters in their efforts to embrace change and provide a model for others.

Brigitte Vincent

Project Director
(240) 333-3381
(503) 260-9248


Both the Project Directors and Project Managers are excellent in their handling of a very large, all-encompassing contract. [Econometrica] …works very closely with us to ensure timely and quality deliverables.

—COR comment from an Econometrica CMS project.

The quality and performance of these tasks were of high standard, higher than the contract specified. Econometrica, Inc. Grand Rounds Support Team embodied the principles of customer service and responsiveness as they quickly implemented changes to documentation as agency requests increased.”

—COR comment from an Econometrica CMS project.


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