Informal Rulemaking

Econometrica is partnering with Rulemaking Services, LLC, to provide, on an open-enrollment basis, a 2-day course entitled, Informal Rulemaking: How to Make It Work for You. This course will be taught by Thomas O. Gessel President of Rulemaking Services, LLC, who is one of the Nation’s top rulemaking experts.

Informal Rulemaking is designed for Government staff and supervisors who draft or review rulemaking documents. Attendees will learn about the entire spectrum of the rulemaking process, from start to finish. This includes the workings of the Administrative Procedure Act, principles for choosing the appropriate type of rulemaking document, fundamentals for drafting rulemaking text, fundamentals for drafting preamble language (including special analyses required by statutes and Executive orders), essentials of the OMB process, and much more.

We also offer this course for agency groups. For these courses, we are able to include agency documents in drafting exercises and can otherwise tailor the course to meet specific agency needs.

A unique add-on option to our course is the Cost–Benefit Analysis section. Typically, classes covering the regulatory process ignore cost–benefit analysis. Econometrica’s staff of Ph.D.-level economists have been performing this type of analysis for decades, equipping us with the precise knowledge necessary to instruct others in the techniques of approaching a cost–benefit analysis for a specific regulation. Our past experience performing cost–benefit analysis for various agencies gives us a unique perspective from which we can teach the nuances of ways performing cost–benefit analysis differs depending upon the agency. This unique value that Econometrica provides is currently not adequately addressed in the market today.

All Econometrica regulatory classes are eligible for satisfying Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.

Download this PDF to see the list of topics covered at the training.

Thomas O. Gessel

President of Rulemaking Services, LLC

Thomas O. Gessel teaches our course and is one of the Nation’s top experts concerning rulemaking matters.

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