Learning Solutions

Utility Data Validation

Market: Housing & Community Development

Start Year: 2015

Role: Prime

Client: NOVAD Management Consulting LLC

Services Provided: Data Collection, Statistical Analysis, Technical Writing and Editing 

Econometrica served as a subcontractor to NOVAD Management Consulting to validate public housing authority (PHA) utility data. The team retrieved data onsite from a sample of more than 80 PHAs and then scanned, digitized, and recorded the data in a standardized format. Econometrica analyzed expenditure documentation for errors and identified discrepancies between reported and actual values for utility expenditures and utility consumptions in the sample projects, then extrapolated and aggregated those estimates to the relevant sample frame. Because HUD did not use a stratified sampling approach to construct the sample, we applied a post-sampling stratification adjustment when developing the sample weights to transform the sample into one that was not only statistically representative but also functionally representative of the sample frame from which it was drawn. Descriptive statistics were reported for each stratification group as well as for the total sample frame. Econometrica also provided input on the tenant-paid utilities, recommendations, and overall report review for the final Validation Report. Econometrica will continue to assist the prime contractor in developing guidance for PHAs.