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State Data Resource Center

More than 11 million individuals are enrolled in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and most Medicare–Medicaid enrollees receive fragmented care. The Affordable Care Act established the Medicare–Medicaid Coordination Office within CMS to advance quality, reduce costs, and improve the experience of Medicare–Medicaid enrollees.

The purpose of this contract is to provide CMS with services to support State programs to integrate care for Medicare–Medicaid enrollees. Econometrica supports CMS efforts to facilitate State access to and use of data, and it supports Medicare–Medicaid Plan (MMP) access to Medicare historical claims data (Parts A, B, and D) in conformance with all applicable statutes, regulations, and policies on privacy and protecting beneficiary data. Econometrica assists CMS with processing data requests, conducting reviews, and maintaining the tracking system, as well as with identifying opportunities to improve efficiencies in the process. Econometrica also assists the State Medicaid agencies with technical advice, including providing information on linking databases, creating analytic databases, conducting training calls and webinars, and providing consultation and data support. Econometrica also provides guidance to States on how to address the limitations in CMS data and helps States optimize their use of available data based on State priorities for care coordination and program integrity. Econometrica assists MMPs with receiving historical Medicare claims data for new enrollees and tracking data that are being disseminated.