Learning Solutions

Program Management Support Services

Under a contract with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Cross-Modal Division, Economic Analysis Branch, Econometrica provides economic and statistical analysis, rulemaking development and support, and program management services. Econometrica supports eight task areas under this contract:

  1. Research and analysis: Conducts research and analysis of the transportation industry, existing regulations, industry standards, strategies, and practices pertaining to regulatory action and report findings.
  2. Process development, analysis, and mapping: Identifies program elements necessary to execute regulations such as setting standards, compliance reviews, recurrence, updates/modifications, stakeholder outreach, and other essential processes.
  3. Economic data collection: Supports requirements of Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) and Final Regulatory Flexibility Assessment and gathers data to support population surveys of regulated industry.
  4. Economic data analysis: Assesses cost impact of regulatory action utilizing a cost–benefit, cost-effectiveness, or break-even analysis and provides data and cost association based on developed risk scenarios.
  5. Public comment support: Develops and manages a process that receives, sorts, tracks, records, reports, and supports public comments via the Federal Register process.
  6. Public meeting support: Holds approximately 10 public meetings a year to support the regulatory agenda and participates in planning sessions to discuss meeting logistics.
  7. Technical writing: Provides onsite and offsite editors to edit rulemaking documents such as preambles, regulatory text, discussion papers, and other documents to support the regulatory justification suitable for publication in the Federal Register.
  8. Project management: Assists in coordinating the planning and tracking of information and activities with TSA components to promote timely integration and to meet regulatory deadlines and prepares timelines, project briefings, and status reports to support the rulemaking process.