Learning Solutions

Grant Closeout and Grants Management Support

This effort provides grants management support services to assist ONC’s Office of Grants Management (OGM) with the day-to-day administration of grants management and closeout activities. Econometrica assists OGM with maintaining its official grant closeout files. Econometrica collects information and data records from various OGM accounting and program-tracking systems to ensure grantees are following the cooperative agreement that OGM issued. Econometrica reviews grant closeout files to determine completeness of each grantee file and what documents and reports are missing; contacts grantees to collect required documents; provides special briefings to the Contracting Officer’s Representative and OGM officials on financial audit findings and response results; submits routine and specialized reports and files as needed; and provides daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reports to OGM as needed. These reports include grant closeout tracking logs, reconciliation reports, and closeout inventory tracking spreadsheets.

Additionally, Econometrica generates and issues pre-closeout letters, closeout letters, and memorandums requesting certification for completion; reconciles all financial reports received by grantees; develops and maintains a grantee expenditure tracking system; reviews documents to determine whether any unobligated balance or unliquidated obligation exists; ensures that all property, equipment, or supplies have been disposed of in accordance with grant regulations; follows up with grantees as needed; uses administrative closeout procedures when necessary; and prepares closed grant files for transfer per record retention requirements.