Learning Solutions

Demand-Side Market Assessment

The Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP) contracted with Econometrica to develop a database of innovative programs that support homeownership. The Econometrica Team conducted an extensive search, focused on the following types of housing domains: cross-cultural outreach, displacement prevention, elderly/disabled, employee, grants, counseling, loan/mortgage, low-income, multigenerational, self-helps, and veterans. We identified programs targeted at underserved populations that used innovated strategies to provide an entry to homeownership. Econometrica provided a database that MHP included as an appendix to their report, COMMUNITY FIRST: Ensuring Housing Development Meets the Demands of the Market and Existing Residents. This report was published on the HUD Exchange website in December 2017. See https://www.hudexchange.info/resource/5647/community-first–ensuring-housing-development-meets-the-demands-of-the-market-and-existing-residents.