Information Security

Protecting Customer Information

Aside from the work a company is contracted to perform, the most important aspect of any contract is the protection of customer information. In today’s world, this is no small task. The news constantly reports on information breaches. Major businesses that spend millions on cybersecurity are not immune—in fact, they are the businesses making front-page news when a breach occurs.

If a major business can’t prevent security breaches, what can a small or medium-size business do? The answer is: Plenty, and it doesn’t take a million-dollar cybersecurity budget. No organization, large or small, is immune from security breaches. However, organizations can enact policies and procedures that significantly minimize their risk.

Econometrica takes cybersecurity seriously. Using industry-standard best practices, we help our clients meet internal needs as well as their customers’ security requirements by working with organizational leadership and personnel to:

Champion a proactive security awareness culture within their organization.


Develop strong security standards within their organization that encompass the management, operational, and technical controls necessary to meet Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA) compliance.


Develop and maintain System Security Plans.

Develop and maintain Business Continuity and Continuation Plans.


Craft internal policies and procedures that support the organizational security standards.

Randy Beninghove

Project Director

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Working on the BFCC‐ORC contract with AVAR Consulting, Inc., Econometrica initially provided assistance with the software and information technology (IT) hardware requirements determination to operationalize the BFCC‐ORC. Working closely with Avar, and Ventech Solutions, Inc., CMS’s IT Contractor, software and Government Furnished Equipment for the contract was requisitioned. Upon delivery, assistance was provided with the setup and configuration of the HCQIS GFE equipment.

—Wendy Gary, MHA, CSA, CMQOE, Director, Healthcare Practice Avar Consulting, Inc.

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