Members of Econometrica’s staff have extensive experience building online training courses and toolkits on healthcare topics

Last October, Econometrica was awarded a contract by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to create a web-based training course on antibiotic stewardship and infection prevention. As part of CDC’s effort to educate clinicians about the benefits of antibiotic stewardship, the interactive course will help clinicians improve their prescribing practices and deliver effective and consistent messages about antibiotic use and resistance to patients.

Econometrica’s Learning, Training & Diffusion Team released Section 1 of the four-part series in February 2018. Since then, more than 900 participants who have taken the course have given it a favorable review, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. More modules will be released soon, and Econometrica’s team continues to develop continuing education courses around infection prevention.

Econometrica has created web-based training for our Post-Acute Care Training project, and our staff has performed instructional design work for years, including developing web-based training for Oregon’s new Child Support System, developing the Environmental Systems Research Institute’s first-ever massive open online course (“Going Places with Spatial Analysis”), and creating stroke preparedness training for Providence Health and Services.

Members of our staff have also created an extensive body of educational and training toolkits on healthcare topics. For example, Econometrica staff contributed a number of toolkits to the North Carolina Community Transformation Project, including Mapping Health Assets, a community toolkit to help people use maps to view health issues; Go Healthy here!, a toolkit to improve access to healthy foods; and Local Campaigns, a toolkit for supporting policy change.

With the knowledge and skills our staff have gained from this experience, Econometrica can help turn your next training into an e-learning event. Reach out today!

About Econometrica:
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Members of our staff have also created an extensive body of educational and training toolkits on healthcare topics.

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