Our employees marked the joyous occasion by donating to and participating in a silent auction

On June 29, 2018, Econometrica officially turned 20 years old! To celebrate this milestone, we hosted a silent auction. More than 58 Econometrica employees participated in the auction by donating services and goods or bidding on them. Some of the auction services our generous employees donated included Mandarin lessons, personalized Muay Thai boxing lessons, and a friendly statistics tutorial! The auction proved a great way to learn about the hidden talents of our employees. After some high-stakes bidding, we raised $1,396 in less than 1 hour!

All proceeds from the auction went to Friendship Place—a nonprofit dedicated to finding solutions to homelessness in the Washington, DC, metro area. Friendship Place’s mission of helping people find housing and supporting veterans aligns with Econometrica’s own mission and values. Over the past two decades, Econometrica’s Housing and Community Development Group has supported the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development by helping public housing authorities fulfill their mission of providing affordable housing to households in need.

This year, Econometrica is marking its 20-year anniversary with monthly celebrations, which have included donating a tree, creating a memory book, and curating a time capsule. Throughout our history, we have been dedicated to helping our community and the wellbeing of citizens whether it is through our health, housing, and transportation projects or by doing community service. We look forward to our future and will continue to work hard to ensure we have happy employees and happy customers!

About Econometrica:
Founded in 1998, Econometrica is a research and management organization in Bethesda, MD, established to provide public- and private-sector clients with customized program support services. Econometrica works with multiple agencies to provide high-quality, cost-effective analyses, modeling, and economic evaluations. The company consistently receives exceptional scores from its clients and believes in three principles: technical capabilities, happy customers, and business development.

After some high-stakes bidding, we raised $1,396 in less than 1 hour!

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