"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

— Mahatma Gandhi

The events unfolding over the last several months have been extremely difficult to watch. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis set off a wave of protest and introspection about race in America, much of which is long overdue. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the Nation, particularly in long-neglected Black communities.

It is clear that we are experiencing a pivotal point in our Nation’s history. Econometrica actively stands with the Black community, our colleagues, their families, and clients in the fight against racism, injustice, and inequality. We stand with our community and firmly declare Black Lives Matter, today and every day.

Econometrica will continue to strive to create and maintain a diverse and welcoming workplace, something that is pivotal to our high-quality work, mission, and success. Our colleagues deserve it, and our clients and partners expect it. We must not lose sight of these issues, today or in the future; we must instead work to make a positive impact on the world. There is still much work to be done, but we are filled with hope as the world comes together in solidarity.

We encourage everyone to support each other with kindness and patience. A few of the many ways to get involved include signing petitions that promote change, donating to causes that are important to you, and taking time to learn more about issues relating to racial discrimination.

Please stay safe and stay strong. We are with you.

I wish I could say that racism and prejudice were only distant memories. We must dissent from the indifference. We must dissent from the apathy. We must dissent from the fear, the hatred and the mistrust… We must dissent because America can do better, because America has no choice but to do better.

— Thurgood Marshall

Cyrus Baghelai