Econometrica, Inc., was awarded an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) to provide statistical modeling and analysis to assist in USAC’s efforts to promote telecommunications services to all Americans. Econometrica’s work will be in support of USAC’s Payment Quality Assurance Internal Audit Division, Schools and Libraries Program Billed Entity Application Reimbursements, and High Cost Mobility Fund. Econometrica will provide guidance on the appropriate sample selections for these programs and perform the following:

  1. Review data on USAC disbursements and prepare or assess a sampling plan.
  2. Review results of the assessments on an ongoing basis to ensure the sampling plan continues to meet requirements and amend or modify the sampling plan if necessary.
  3. Prepare final reports summarizing sampling methodology and compliance with statistical sampling requirements, analysis of assessment results, and discussion of payment error rates.
  4. Consult with USAC and, as necessary, the Federal Communications Commission, regarding sampling plans and results of sample assessments.

Econometrica is proud to support this important effort to provide all Americans—including those in rural, underserved, and difficult-to-reach areas—with accessible and affordable connectivity.

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