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Certification & Security

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Security Policy

Econometrica, Inc. ensures is included in every aspect of our processes. Beginning with the planning stage, through the designing, developing, testing, and deployment phases. Then continuing throughout the operational and maintenance phases of the project. Econometrica follows all security best practices and guidelines as outlined in the Econometrica State of Applicability (SOA) document and Econometrica’s Information Management Security System (ISMS) Policies. Econometrica also follows, and strives to exceed, all Federal security compliance requirements by formulating and implementing information security objectives and monitoring performance against those objectives.

By adhering to information security compliance requirements, guidelines, and processes, maintaining the highest standards of competence, professionalism, and integrity in all information security related activities, Econometrica achieves these standards.

Quality Policy

Econometrica strives to not only meet customer needs, but to exceed their expectations, by providing the best solution and the highest quality of service. We accomplish this by creating effective processes and systems, designed to meet all safety, quality, cost, and delivery objectives of the customer. We foster an internal culture of curiosity, continuous improvement, and constantly evolve our business practices to meet our customer needs and demands. Econometrica maintains a skilled, knowledgeable, and accountable workforce through individual competency development, effective communication, and employee engagement.

Environmental Policy

Econometrica, Inc. is committed to doing its part in protecting the local and global environment. To ensure we minimize our environmental impact, Econometrica complies with all local, state, and Federal environmental regulations and requirements. Econometrica considers the impact on environmental issues in all business strategies and initiatives. Environmental responsibility is also encouraged of employees in carrying out all organizational tasks.


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Happy Customers

"Both the Project Directors and Project Managers are excellent in their handling of a very large, all-encompassing contract. [Econometrica] ...works very closely with us to ensure timely and quality deliverables."

—Contracting Officer’s Representative comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"The quality and performance of these tasks were of high standard, higher than the contract specified. Econometrica, Inc., Grand Rounds Support Team embodied the principles of customer service and responsiveness as they quickly implemented changes to documentation as agency requests increased."

—Contracting Officer’s Representative comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"Econometrica provided high quality deliverables and progress updates, including details on data collection, coding and data challenges, data visualization suggestions and creative solutions to displaying complex data, thoughtful summary and organized documents, and clearly written deliverables."

—Contract Specialist’s comment from an Econometrica FNS project

"Econometrica went out of their way to produce good quality deliverables."

—Contracting Officer’s comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"Econometrica's Editing department ensures that the quality of work produced is above and beyond expectations, and are very responsive when Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services feels that corrections need to be made.”

—Contracting Officer’s comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"All deliverables are prepared with the utmost care."

—Contract Specialist’s comment from an Econometrica project with the U.S. Census.

“Not only did the development and production of this [new] website and the new webinar tools not exceed the contract budget, they were also implemented through the proactive action of [Econometrica] and exceeded expectations described in the Statement of Work.”

—Contracting Officer’s Representative comment from an Econometrica CMS project

“When the COVID-19 stay-at-home order started, the contractor raised a very important question regarding the physical data shipments to states. By quickly identifying this issue and moving to resolve any disconnects, the contractor not only provided excellent customer service to states but protected CMS data with Protected Health Information and Personally Identifiable Information.”

—Contracting Officer’s Representative comment from an Econometrica CMS project

"Econometrica is proactive in creating analysis and proposing solutions.”

—Contracting Officer’s Representative comment from an Econometrica CMS project