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Office of Integrated Analysis and Forecasting (OIAF) Publication Assistance and Support

Office of Integrated Analysis and Forecasting (OIAF) Publication Assistance and Support

Key Work Areas:

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Integration
  • IT Support
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Program Management
  • Survey Operations



Under subcontract to Z, Inc., Econometrica supported EIA OIAF in the following specific areas:

  1. Program management: coordinating contract and task order project kickoff meetings, preparing monthly status reports, providing earned value management, convening technical status meetings, preparing program management plans, and preparing trip reports.
  2. Survey operations: performing survey collection and data collection/receipt activities, tracking and pursuing survey non-respondents, and processing survey data.
  3. Energy analysis and modeling: developing and monitoring sophisticated statistical data programs and providing energy analysis and modeling support for the full range of fuel types, supply, end use, and energy conversion sectors.
  4. Data integration: managing integrated data products and developing and maintaining common data repositories.
  5. IT support: providing database administration support and developing and maintaining EIA software and web applications.
  6. Product/service development, production, and marketing: managing the full range of activities associated with developing, producing, and marketing energy products and services.
  7. Organizational support: conducting records management activities, preparing documentation, and providing organizational planning and coordination support.

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