Cost-Effectiveness Analyses and Management Strategy

Econometrica specializes in research and management across the following sectors: Energy, Grants Management, Health, Health IT, Homeland Security, Housing & Community Development, and Transportation & Aerospace. With expert senior economists, research analysts, and technical writers, we help government agencies optimize quality.

Services Provided

Analytical Programming Languages

Audit Support

Benefit–Cost Analysis

Budget and Financial Analysis

Cost-Reasonableness Studies

Customer Relationship Management

Data Collection

Data Graphics Design/Production

Desk Reviews

Data Scrubbing

Data Visualization


Economic Impact Analysis

Economic Impact Statement

Environmental Scans

Focus Groups

Geospatial Support


Grants Management


Grant Application Review

Information Management Support

Intellectual Property Valuation

IT Support

Low Income Housing Tax Credit

Literature Review

Market Analysis

Measure Development

OMB Clearance Support

Operations Research

Outreach to Program Participants


Policy Development


Project Management

Programming and Planning Evaluation

Processing Casework

Real Estate Financing

Supporting PHAs in Receivership

Regulatory and Policy Analysis

Real Estate Impact Analysis

Regulatory Impact Analysis

Risk Analysis

Software Development for Economic Modeling

Statistical Analysis

Supply–Demand Analysis


Survey Research


Technical Writing and Editing

Testing Proposals


Text Analysis

Training and Technical Assistance


Web Publishing

Our BPA/IDIQ Contracts

Operational & Programmatic Support Services
Contract No.: GS-10F-0269K/DTFR53-13-A-00008

Regulatory Support Services to the Department of Homeland Security
Contract No.: GS-00F-101CA/HSHQDC-14-A-00002

Survey Consulting Support Services
Contract No.: GS-00F-101CA/EXIM-14-A-0002A

Technical Support Services for NHTSA Traffic Records Program
Contract No.: DTNH22-14-D-00343

AHRQ Planning, Evaluation & Analysis IDIQ (PEATOC)
Contract No.: HHSA290-2014-000071

Design and Development of Evaluation of Data and Information Technology (IT) Systems – Domain III
Contract No.: HHSH250201400061I

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Domain 5L
Contract No.: HHSS283201700047I

Research and Evaluation Initiative Services Program Evaluation Analytical Category to the USCIS Office of Policy and Strategy
Contract No.: GS-10F-0269K/HSSCCG-14-A-00020

Small Entity Impact Analysis of a Final Rule
Contract No.: GS-23F-0048P/HSCEMD-08-A-00001

Traffic Injury Control Evaluation & Behavioral Safety Research Support Lot B: Crash and Injury Statistical Analysis
Contract No.: DTNH2216D00013

Evaluation Assessments and Developments – Domain I
Contract No.: HHSH250201300009I

U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) Statistical Consulting Services
Contract No.: GS-00F-101CA/ITC-BPA-15-0004

Small Business Research and Demonstrations (SBRAD)
Contract No.: HHSM-500-2011-00015I

Grant Management Support BPA
Contract No.: GS-23F-0048P/HHSP233201400042B

Measure & Instrument Development and Support (MIDS)
Contract No.: HHSM-500-2013-13006I

Evaluation Capacity Building – Domain II
Contract No.: HHSH250201400041I

Comprehensive Technical, Operation, Research and Support for Immunization Information Systems
Contract No.: 200-2015-87996

Our GSA Schedules

GSA Consolidated Price Schedule
Contract No.: GS-00F-101CA

GSA IT Schedule 70
Contract No.: GS-35F-355CA

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